a3e22bc8d8A conference organised by the Warburg Institute, the Institute of Classical Studies and UCL. The conference will be held at the Warburg Institute.

The conference will explore the impact of Cicero’s writings and personality on intellectual and cultural history, on the visual arts, philosophy, politics, rhetoric and literature. Since so much of Cicero’s writings is extant, they cover a wide variety of genres and topics, and we are also able to get a glimpse of his personality from his letters, Cicero has had an enormous influence on western culture. By examining a diverse series of significant case studies, the conference aims to make a contribution to assessing Cicero’s impact more fully.  The proceedings will be jointly published by the two Institutes as Supplements to the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies.

Organisers:  Peter Mack (Warwick), John North (UCL), Gesine Manuwald (UCL) and Maria Wyke (UCL)

Speakers: Virginia Cox (New York), Nina Dubin (Illinois at Chicago), Katherine East (Royal Holloway London), Lynn Fotheringham (Nottingham), Matthew Fox (Glasgow), Luke Houghton (Reading), Catherine Keen (UCL), Andrew Laird (Warwick), Carole Mabboux (Savoie), David Marsh (Rutgers), Martin McLaughlin (Oxford) and Laura Refe (Venice)

Read the whole programme and register here (by 5 May).

When: 7 – 8 May 2015
Where: Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB