Time to ‘Rediscover Dylan’

In this guest post Dr Elaine Canning, Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities, Swansea University offers a special insight into ‘Rediscovering Dylan’: a programme of events curated specially for Being Human 2014 which celebrate the life and works of Swansea’s most famous son, Dylan Thomas. Dylan Fever ‘To begin at the beginning… Continue reading Time to ‘Rediscover Dylan’

Heard the one about humour in the humanities …?

By Dr Sharon Lockyer In this guest post Dr Sharon Lockyer, Director of the Centre for Comedy Studies Research (CCSR) at the Brunel University, reflects on the importance of humour as a core aspect of ‘being human’, and how academics in the humanities are beginning to research this significance in the emerging field of ‘humour… Continue reading Heard the one about humour in the humanities …?

Transforming Musicology and ‘Being Human’ at the Birmingham Hippodrome

In this guest blog Professor Tim Crawford, Principal Investigator on the AHRC large grant project Transforming Musicology, explores how new technologies are influencing the ways in which we experience, make and study music. Research conducted by the Transforming Musicology project forms the basis the Being Human event Hearing Wagner at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

Why we should be less stressed about the humanities

In this guest blog, Professor Geoffrey Crossick, Distinguished Professor of the Humanities in the School of Advanced Study, University of London, reflects upon the current status of the humanities in the UK and the USA. He argues the case for a self-confident articulation of the value of the humanities and their continuing role at the… Continue reading Why we should be less stressed about the humanities