Academics ignore social media at their peril. In my experience, active engagement is a far better policy than burying our heads in the sand.

The first public lunchtime seminar of The Social Scholar will be held in room 246 of Senate House (University of London) at 1pm next Wednesday (23 October).  Here’s a brief run down of what you can expect from this exciting new seminar series.  

23 October 2013, 13:00 – 14:00

Event Type: Seminar

Speaker: Julian Harrison (British Library)

Julian Harrison 01

Julian Harrison

Julian Harrison is Curator of Pre-1600 Historical Manuscripts at the British Library, and Co-Curator of the forthcoming Magna Carta exhibition (2015). He is one of the editors of the Medieval Manuscripts Blog, which is on course to receive in excess of 500,000 hits this year.


Having a strong online presence is key to gaining recognition in the Digital Age. By focusing on the British Library’s Medieval Manuscripts Blog, we will discuss strategies for successful blogging, and for communicating to a global audience. We will introduce the Seven Golden Rules of Blogging, and will consider how to build and maintain a readership for academic blogs.


The Social Scholar is a new series of lunchtime seminars from the School of Advanced Study, looking into the theme of

The British Library

The British Library

Social Media. Each session includes a 20 minute presentation from an expert already using social media in the Humanities followed by discussion and Q&A.  In these sessions we hope to learn together about how to better use social media in a professional capacity and what the difficulties and issues are.  The series will look at blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media services.   Tea and coffee are provided and you are welcome to bring your own lunch.

Venue: Room 246 (Senate House)

Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

Senate House, Malet Street, London