shutterstock_170710490Here at the School of Advanced Study we are always looking for new ways to promote, discuss, and facilitate research in the humanities. For some time now we have operated a variety of blogs (including this one) allowing our staff to talk about and discuss a variety of projects, events, and activities on the general theme of the humanities. All of these blogs will continue, but the SAS Blog itself, we feel, needs a make-over. This is where you come in!

We want to transform this blog into a place for a wider discussion and debate about the humanities, thereby expanding its scope well beyond the confines of the School itself.

To do this, we plan on changing the name of our blog (we have some ideas on this but would be interested to hear your ideas as well) and we plan to update its design to a ‘magazine’ style.

In addition we are planning on producing and commissioning new and better content which will encourage writers to ask difficult questions about the challenges involved in studying the humanities, the humanities role in the modern world, and its general purposes and uses as a set of disciplines.

We are very interested in your views so we are asking you to fill out our short survey (it will take no more than a few minutes of your time) to help us in its development stages. Please share with us your views and opinions here:

Go to the Survey

We hope to launch the new blog in September 2014.

Thank you.