1bad0644b3Organised by: James Hall (Independent Scholar) and Peter Mack (Warburg Institute)
Speakers: Simon Gilson (Warwick), Andrew Hadfield (Sussex), James Hall (Independent Scholar), Paul Holberton (Paul Holberton Publishing), Helen Langdon (Independent Scholar), Jacqueline Lichtenstein (Paris-Sorbonne), Martin McLaughlin (Oxford) and Alison Wright (UCL)


10.00 Registration

10.15 Welcome: Peter Mack

10.20 Simon Gilson: ‘Authorial Self-Presentation in Dante’

11.00 James Hall: ‘The Dramatised Signature: Van Eyck to Rembrandt’

11.40 Coffee

12.00 Martin McLaughlin: ‘Alberti self-fashionista: the name, the self-portrait, the autobiography’

12.40 Alison Wright: ‘Escaping Self-Portraits in the Renaissance: a visual genre and its boundaries’.

1.20 Lunch

2.20 Andrew Hadfield: ‘A Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Edmund Spenser’.

3.00 Paul Holberton: A Giorgionesque tradition of ‘personation’ in artist’s self-portraits in the sixteenth and seventeenth century

3.40 Tea

4.00 Helen Langdon: ‘Free, fiery, painter corrector’; the Self Portraits of Salvator Rosa

4.40 Jacqueline Lichtenstein: portrait and self portrait in Diderot’s Salons

5.30 Reception

Date and time: 6 June 2014, 10:00 – 17:30
Venue: The Warburg Institute
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