T.S. Eliot Burnt Norton

National Poetry Day is the nation’s biggest celebration of poetry.  Everyone seems to be joining in, releasing poetry into the streets, squares, supermarkets, parks, train stations, bus-stops and post-boxes. We know of poetry police, poetry funeral directors, poetry ambulances. Add yourselves to the ever-growing list by tying verse on trees, to make a poet-tree. (They do in Japan.) Or stick it in your window for the world to see. This year’s theme is Remember, so if you remember a poem, however short, pass it on with hashtag #thinkofapoem

The Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London Senate House, and Senate House Libraries will be hosting an ‘open mic’ session between 11am and 3pm in the Crush Hall at Senate House. Anyone wishing to read a poem of their choice is very welcome to do so. The event is free, and all voices and languages are cordially invited.

Find out all the details here.