#PotW: Dickens Day 2014: Dickens and Conviviality – 11 October

Dickens Day, now in its 28th year, is looking at how conviviality features in Dickens’s life and work. Dickens’s works are famously convivial, depicting sociability in myriad forms: from the famously boozy Pickwick Papers, through the Crachits’ sentimental festive celebrations in A Christmas Carol, to the miserable family gatherings of Martin Chuzzlewit and Great Expectations,… Continue reading #PotW: Dickens Day 2014: Dickens and Conviviality – 11 October

#PotW: National Poetry Day – 2 October

National Poetry Day is the nation’s biggest celebration of poetry.  Everyone seems to be joining in, releasing poetry into the streets, squares, supermarkets, parks, train stations, bus-stops and post-boxes. We know of poetry police, poetry funeral directors, poetry ambulances. Add yourselves to the ever-growing list by tying verse on trees, to make a poet-tree. (They do in… Continue reading #PotW: National Poetry Day – 2 October

Memories of the Future

Tomorrow (Friday 2 May 2014) Senate House will host an exciting 2-day interdisciplinary conference on the interrelation between the imagination of the future, memory and the future of memory. In this guest post Emanuela Patti (IMLR) talks about the forthcoming conference.   The Memories of the Future conference is about to start. Utopian visions of… Continue reading Memories of the Future

The Senses at #BloomsburyFest 2013

Our senses make the world that we experience come alive.  Artists realised this long ago, so have those who wish to convey a message whether it be personal, political, or religious.  At this year’s Bloomsbury Festival there are various events that attempt to challenge your senses or to convey important issues through sound, movement, or… Continue reading The Senses at #BloomsburyFest 2013

Literature at #BloomsburyFest 2013 – Talks and Book Launches

Will Self

“they discuss Bloomsbury’s history as a meeting place and point of intersection for poets, radicals, and visionaries of all kinds” ————————————————————————————————————————- Bloomsbury is famous for its literary heritage, and still evokes a powerful hold on the literary imagination today. For this year’s Bloomsbury Festival the Institute of English Studies, drawing on contributions from across the… Continue reading Literature at #BloomsburyFest 2013 – Talks and Book Launches